Monday, May 5, 2014

Patently Crafty 2.0

I'm rebooting my by blog with an exciting announcement: I have officially started a stationery business!  With the launch of this business, I'm now including posts about the projects that I am working on, along with my usual reviews of arts & craft classes.

My new business is made possible by the fact that we underwent a major renovation of our apartment, which resulted in a beautiful craft room.  Overall, the renovation was the largest arts & crafts project I have ever undertaken.  For over two years, my spare time was largely consumed with architectural designs and picking out flooring, tile, paint, light fixtures, etc., etc., etc.  Now that the renovations are complete, I can spend my free time crafting and blogging.

Even before the craft room was complete, however, I was eager to start my first project.  Therefore, I started thinking about making invitations for our housewarming party.  My husband's favorite holiday is Halloween, so we made a push to finish the renovations in time for a Halloween-themed housewarming party.  And we (barely) made it!

Below are pictures of the invites.  I created a trick or treat bag using brown lunch bags and made "candy" with the party details on the back with some very calculated printing and a Cricut Expression® electronic cutting machine.

 "Trick or Treat" bags with haunted house on the front & witch on the back.

A better view of the "candy" with different details about the party on the back of each piece.

I'll pick up with my reviews until I'm able to post invitations and decorations I'm creating for a 1st birthday party for my first client.

Invitations include copyright material of Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.